Protos Venture Capital


What is the most crucial selection criterion when choosing an investment project?

Surprisingly, the idea itself is not the most important thing: people in charge of creating a particular project are. VCs mostly invest in particular teams, their ideas, and commitment. The second most important criterion is the business model. The model has to be easy to understand, feasible, and based on actual market needs.


What projects does Protos VC invest in?

We invest in internet and mobile projects in the following fields:


At what stage does the project have to be in order for you to take interest in it?

We are interested in seed, startup, and expansion projects. As a general rule, we do not invest in PowerPoint companies. As a minimum requirement, your product must be coded and online. Even if it is in an early alpha version, it proves that your team is skilled and committed.


What kind of support can we get from you?

We have experience that covers all online business development stages, i.e. product design and strategic positioning, coding and implementation, generating traffic (SEO, marketing), implementing business models, building the operations, scaling up the organisation, foreign expansion, and exit. We can provide support in all these areas.


What stakes do you usually take in companies?

We believe that founders should always feel that, despite having an investor, the company is still theirs. That is why being a minority shareholder seems to be the best solution. Certainly, it can change with time as the company needs further financing. However, we always try not to go beyond a point where the team’s motivation would be negatively affected.


How can you help us expand to foreign markets?

We can support you with our experience acquired through scaling such products as,, and to markets like Russia, US, and Ukraine… Also, we closely cooperate with our partner in Germany — Point Nine Capital — which is a leading VC fund there. Therefore, we can help you expand your business also to West European markets.